Founded in 1999 by good friends Max Glazer, Kenny Meez, and Cipha Sounds, Federation has become a worldwide force in Reggae music. After Cipha left to pursue his work with Funkmaster Flex’s Big Dawg Pitbulls Kenny and Max continued on and built what is one of the most creative sounds in the business. Known for their wicked arsenal of dubplate specials, exclusive remixes and crazy vibes, Federation rules the dance hall.

Along with Max Glazer and Kenny Meez, Federation is Alric & Boyd (Fame FM, Jamaica) and Disco D (Rest In Peace). Representing Brooklyn, Philly and Jamaica the Federation Sound continually push the music and the message, spreading the vibes… all over the world.

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Veteran Jamaican DJ’s Alric & Boyd are key players and are regarded as elders in the Jamaican music fraternity. These celebrated entertainers are resident DJ’s and Music Directors for the QUAD (Jamaica’s hottest night club); hosts of the “The Edge” on FAME FM (a leading station branded as the “Entertainment Capital of Jamaica”); celebrity judges for Heineken’s “Green Synergy” regional DJ competition; and have either produced or worked with some of the biggest names in Reggae, Dancehall, Hip Hop and R&B.



Alric is half of the “twin” duo of Alric & Boyd who joined FAME FM as a team in 1995. They brought a unique and progressive musical approach to the public on the Night Train, which ran midnight to five on a saturday morning. The ravers soon found them and they developed a loyal clientele. Alric, the more serious of the two is the dance aficionado. Now, “The Edge” on Saturday evenings sets the trend on Jamaica’s party landscape.



Don’t be fooled by the fact that they have different last names. Alric & Boyd are certified, identical, siamese twins who share almost the same air space. If you see one, the other is guaranteed to be in the building.



Boyd – The other “twin” of Alric & Boyd is the loveable teddy bear of the underground scene. Boyd is the Hip-Hop/Rave expert who also writes for the FAME FM “Frat Chat” publication. Coming out of the RHythm Republic revolution he spends a lot of time on the road. As a team, they are a staple for spring break in Montego Bay and rave parties across the island. When not immersed in music, Boyd can be found practicing his martial arts. He is a certified Black Belt, so you know FAME FM has good protection. However, have no fear, nobody has ever seen Boyd angry.


Check Alric & Boyd live at THE QUAD in Kingston, Jamaica every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, and on FAME 95 FM every Saturday from 6-9 pm

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