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Brand new podcast is up. Crazy new tunes and remixes. Liv Up's "Stronga" riddim, Don Corleon's all female "Feminine" riddim which features a boom tune from our girl Tifa, Board House's "Splinta", plus lots of remixes and dubs. Guaranteed niceness. Click on the PODCAST button to the right and let the fun begin.

A little late, but I had no idea that someone had put together this nice little clip for the intro of our TNT CD. 27,000 views? Nice! Support sexy women who make good dancehall music - Timberlee, Natalie Storm & Tifa.

There aren't even any words that can describe this.
















Check out this mix from our bredren Reggaestone, the man responsible for the wicked TNT CD cover. In case you didn't figure it out yet the mix is all about "Ting"... Mad Ting, Fat Ting, etc. DOWNLOAD IT HERE.

Lots of new music from and for the family this week. New tunes from Tifa, Natalie Storm, Dynamq, Prodigal Entertainment's Star Trek Riddim, Serani & Bugle dubs, Columbian Drop riddim (Columbian), Outbreak riddim (Di Genius), and plenty more. Click on the PODCAST button to the right or subscribe directly through iTunes.

It's about damn time! The Federation Invasion Podcast is finally available directly through iTunes. Still great tunes, still free, just click HERE to launch iTunes and subscribe to the best podcast ever in the history of the universe. Please feel free to give it a 5 star rating and help us climb the iTunes charts.

What's next, Daggering Barbie?

Just found this crazy megamix YouTube promo video that Don Francesco made for the Aidonia - Bolt Action mix. I think he actually mixed a piece of every song from the CD into this 10 minute YouTube clip. Check the bumping speakers...


This week it's pretty much all about Stephen "Di Genius" McGregor's "Outbreak" riddim. Also new music from Keep Left records, Chino, and a bunch of other people... But mostly a nasty outbreak of the "Outbreak" riddim. Click on the yellow PODCAST button.

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