Podcast 154 (Free Download) All Female Artists


Federation loves the ladies. The 154th installment of the Federation Invasion is strictly for the ladies. Fellas, feel free to enjoy it too, but this mix is over 60 minutes of nothing but female artists. Download and listen to our TNT family, Timberlee, Natalie Storm and Tifa, Cecile, Tami Chynn, Macka Diamond, Keida, Jovi Rockwell, Stacious, Cherine Anderson, Kris Kelli, Spice, Lady Saw, Lisa Hyper, Gaza Slim, Denyque, D’angel, Shema and more. We probably left off someone’s favorite female artists, but don’t have a heart attack, just link up @FederationSound on Twitter and let us know who you want to hear and we’ll try and get them on a future mix. Like Mr. Vegas once said, “Girls time, a di sweetest time…” Click on the yellow PODCAST button to the right or CLICK HERE to listen through iTunes. If you enjoy the Federation Invasion Podcast and appreciate the time and effort that goes into it, please feel free to drop a little something in the cup on your way out by donating via PayPal.