Podcast 195 (Free Download)


Non-stop juggling with brand new Bramma “Bad Fi Real”, Chino “Nah Follow Dem”, “I Am” & “Leaving (Seal The Link)”, Mavado “Love Mi Life”, Terro 3000 “Hold Up (Hold On Deh)”, Assassin “Talk How Mi Feel” & “Gallis From Birth”, Flippa Mafia “Papparazzi”, Khago “Youths Fi Have Things”, “Drinking Rum” (Redman Remix… Plus “Island Breeze”, “Pepper”, “Run Di Place”, “Star A Star” and more. Click on the yellow PODCAST button to the right  or CLICK HERE to listen through iTunes. If you enjoy the Federation Invasion Podcast and appreciate the time and effort that goes into it, please feel free to drop a little something in the cup on your way out by donating via PayPal.