Remix Me


Attention all aspiring producers… We need you to remix something for us. We’re working on a little project and need a remix of Flippa Mafia’s “Mus Fly Again” from our Flatlands riddim (out now on iTunes). There’s really only one rule to this – NO SAMPLES! Ok, maybe two rules. You should also change the tempo. We don’t want a 100 bpm dancehall mix. We’ve already got that, it’s called the original. Other than that, get as crazy as possible. Don’t feel like you need to use the full vocals. You can chop, screw, speed up, slow down, reverse, etc. It can be electro, house, techno, pop, moombahton, dubstep, polka… whatever.  We’re going to pick the best remix and release it. Please do not post your remixes online until we’ve picked the winner, which will be available exclsuively on an upcoming digital release.  You won’t get paid but if you feel like it’s a good look, let’s do this! Please send all remix submissions to federationsound@gmail.com with REMIX ME in the subject.